Photo Editing & Restoration

Photo Editing & Restoration Services
Do you have an old photo that needs restoration, or perhaps you have a photograph that you yourself took that would be the "perfect picture" if only this or that was removed? Or, maybe you have a few images you've photographed and you'd like to combine them or put a face/other element from one photo into the other? We can help!

We provide all kinds of photo editing for a variety of purposes, including editing face and body photos, changing backgrounds, correcting lighting and colors, slimming bodies (yes! we can make you look 10 lbs. lighter!), smoothing hair, removing acne, defining eyes, removing unwanted objects in backgrounds, repairing old photos digitally, and much more.

Prices vary depending on the overall objective of the project, but a small, easy retouch can be as low as $10-25. Please send us a message with a brief description of what you need done and when you need it done by, and we will provide you with a custom quote.